2018/19 Season Announcement + our new marketing intern, Carly!

We've just announced our 2018/19 season!!  We invite you to join us for Reef Music, Computed Futures, Shadows of Exoplanets, and Cellular Dance.  Each of these events is a collaboration between researchers and musicians - interweaving lecture and music in live performance.

Our first event is on October 12th with "Reef Music"!  Marine Biologist Sarah Davies of Boston University, the Marvento Duo with cellist Olivia J. P. Harris, David Ibbett, and Sophia Subbayya Vastek will be sharing narratives of coral reefs, their plight against climate change and evolutionary future.

Tickets: artful.ly/musicofreality
More info: http://www.musicofreality.com/upcoming/

ALSO, we are very excited to welcome Carly Ristuccia, who will be joining us this fall as our marketing and communications intern!  She recently graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Entertainment Management. Carly immediately impressed us when she told us that she designed her own degree to include courses in business, marketing, graphic design, art, and music.  We're thrilled!

Carly Ristuccia

Carly Ristuccia