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Beauty from Nothing, an EP, is the first album to come out of the multi-faceted collaboration between pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek and composer David Ibbett.  Folding into their scientifically-minded event series Music of Reality, the album explores the human, emotional response to learning about our origins and interconnectedness to all life through the lens of science.  Through-composed by David, the music, for piano and live electronics, is ultimately ecstatic, pulsing, and genre-bending.  In two movements, the work begins with the question of beauty – where did it come from, and does it pre-date us?  Did everything, including beauty, come from nothing?  Or was it always here, an expression of physical laws?  The second movement follows the chain of emotions that unfold as we become aware of the “Web of Life” and our connectedness to all life – made clearer with each evolutionary discovery.



Where does beauty come from? Did we invent it, or was it always here - a property of the universe? At this moment, astronomers and particle physicists are drawing closer and closer to an explanation of our beginnings: how the universe transitioned from nothing into something.  Perhaps, in the interaction of quantum chaos and physical laws, the seeds of beauty can be found.


In July 1837, Charles Darwin drew the first evolutionary tree in scientific history.  Recently however, this idea has been challenged by research into horizontal gene transfer, and the ‘tree’ may now be more accurately described as an intricate ‘web’ of genetic relationships. What we know, beyond a doubt, is that DNA connects every living creature on earth. This music follows the evolution of the emotions that unfold as we become aware of this connectedness, and explores the joy that can be found there.

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Recording Engineer: Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions
Mixing Engineer: David Ibbett at Mix One Studios
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios

Producers: David Ibbett and Sophia Vastek
Associate Producer: Bei Shen
Graphic Design: Brigid Cowdrey

All music composed by David Ibbett
Performed by pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek
©  ℗ Music of Reality

With special thanks to our families, Joan Phalen, Jane Ibbett, John Titterington, Lin Schmale-Tate, Mary Edwards, Jim Shaffran, Taylor Hayward, Sonya Sutton, Muhammad Arif, Tim Pierrepont, Gary Davison, Bei Shen, Alyssa and Tristan Lawson, Bayard Brewin, Stefan Vastek, Brigid Cowdrey, and all our Indiegogo supporters.

 Additional thank you to John G. Cramer for his sonification of the Big Bang and the first 760,000 years of universe, heard in track 2 of Beauty from Nothing.
©  John G. Cramer – 2013