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"Science is creative: it’s coming up with ideas no one thought of before and exploring them in novel ways.  The results can be beautiful and awe-inspiring. Music of Reality is presenting music that incorporates science, literally and figuratively. Go listen and be inspired."

- Matthew Kleban, theoretical cosmologist and speaker at the Music of Reality ‘Origins’ concert

PAST Collaborators

Dr. Matthew Kleban, theoretical physicist

Associate Professor of Physics at New York University
Areas of Research: string theory, theoretical cosmology, particle physics
List of Publications

Dr. Tae Hong Park, composer and music technologist

Associate Professor of Music Composition and Technology at New York University

Areas of Research: Soundscape, Audio Signal Processing, Music Information Retrieval, Computational Music Analysis, Acoustic/Electro-Acoustic Music Composition, Cyber-Physical Systems, Mobile Computing and HCI
NYU Faculty Page

Dr. Paul Garrity, biologist

Professor of Biology at Brandeis University
Area of Research: Molecular basis of sensory transduction and behavior
Garrity Lab Homepage

Dr. Cora Dvorkin, cosmologist

Assistant Professor of Physics at Harvard University
Areas of Research: "data-driven" cosmology, inflation, dark matter, dark energy, and neutrinos
Harvard Faculty Page
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