Artistic Statement

Why do we create art?  Why do we study the farthest reaches of the universe?  And why are we constantly searching and pushing our intellectual and emotional borders in a never-ending reach outwards?  While we search for more definition in our intellectual understanding of reality, art grasps at that which is indefinable.  But it goes both ways.  At its core, Music of Reality demonstrates that these pursuits converge at a point of focus, and, in fact, are one and the same.

Music of Reality is a concert series and a community of creators and minds, founded by pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek and composer David Ibbett.  We combine lectures and presentations, from a broad range of researchers, with musicians and artists to celebrate the beauty of our reality.  We invite scientists, social anthropologists, educators, and other great minds from the cutting-edge to share their knowledge and passion as part of an integrated performance with artists on a specific topic or theme.  We create a space where those who are passionate about discovery can come together, from all angles, and find points of convergence and new discovery.

Our mission is to present events that combine current research, art, and music in thoughtful and stimulating ways.  We collaborate with people who are passionate about communicating their work to a general audience, with the idea that their research or artistic practice should be accessible to everyone.  We are committed to presenting an exciting and diverse array of musical performances, and connecting this programming to our topics through a range of angles, such as commissioned new works, existing works, and other kinds of media.

We are invested in working with our community to explore new territory and their interests.  We maintain an open call for ideas and collaborations on our website at all times, and aim to cultivate and care for our community.

We want to draw connections against a wide spectrum of ideas, and instigate sparks of creativity that fire in all directions.  In the spirit of joyful discovery, this is our aim.