Artistic Statement

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Music of Reality is a concert series that combines art, science, music, and any and all interdisciplinary dialogue to celebrate the beauty of our reality.  We invite scientists, philosophers, and other great minds from the cutting-edge to share their knowledge and passion as part of an integrated performance with artists.  We create a space where those who are passionate about discovery can come together, from all angles, and find points of convergence and new discovery.

Why do we create art?  Why do we study the farthest reaches of the universe?  And why are we constantly searching and pushing our intellectual and emotional borders in a never-ending reach outwards?

While we search for more definition in our intellectual understanding of reality, art grasps at that which is indefinable.  But it goes both ways - both methods in a never-ending quest to discover.  There is so much that artists can learn from the pursuits of physicists, biologists, and engineers, in the same way that a chemist, anthropologist, and linguist can learn from a composer, performer, or filmmaker.  At its core, Music of Reality demonstrates that these pursuits all converge at a point of focus.

In the spirit of joyful discovery, we are creating a means for these discussions.  

Each of our events takes a different scientific or philosophical theme, and is host to presentations by great thinkers in multiple formats - lectures, performances, and viewings. Our first program circled the idea of “origins”, with a lecture presented by NYU physicist Matthew Kleban.  His insights into the world of early universe origins were painted against the sounds of music inspired by evolution and our natural world.  We program music and invite artists who can create dialogue with the lectures, either directly or indirectly, so as to explore a concept from multiple viewpoints.

An important tenet of the work we do is to archive video of every lecture on our website, as well as to provide information about the lecturer’s work and links to their research papers.  Researchers learn more about our world every day, and we want their knowledge to be shared in an accessible way for those who might not encounter it otherwise.  We hope our archival work will contribute to the continued spread of new ideas and discovery.

Music of Reality was founded by composer David Ibbett and pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek out of a mutual need to see a larger picture.  We want to draw connections against a wide spectrum of ideas, and instigate sparks of creativity that fire in all directions.  In the spirit of joyful discovery, this is our aim.